Our overall aim is to provide an effective educational and recreational resource in support of the staff and curriculum for the benefit of students during their formative years at 毕晓普斯托福德学院.

All new pupils and staff attend induction sessions during their first term. Ongoing instruction is given to pupils when they use the library for research work in small groups as part of their lessons throughout the school.  Pupils are welcome to come in and browse or study at any time, including break and lunchtimes. 总是有帮助的, with two qualified librarians and a team of evening and weekend assistants.

请浏览 大学图书馆 网站, where you can log in and check what is available in the Senior School library, 你借来的东西, 更新你的贷款和保留新的头衔.  Please ask Mrs Garrett, the Librarian, for a username and password before using this link.


  • 13000年主题 & 小说书
  • 联网的计算机
  • 电脑化图书馆目录 & 系统问题
  • 参考书、档案 & 本地信息
  • 报纸 & 期刊
  • 有声读物,DVD图书馆 & 音乐cd
  • 2激光打印机,扫描仪 & 影印机



  • Individual study or research and group study or research during lessons
  • 寻找闲暇阅读
  • 在晚上或比赛间隙做准备
  • 高中辩论 & 小测验
  • 阅读报纸 & 杂志
  • 影印.


周一 08.30 - 17.00   19.00   21.30
周二 08.30 - 17.00   19.00 - 21.30
周三 08.30 - 17.00   19.00 - 21.30
周四 08.30 - 17.00   19.00 - 21.30
星期五 08.30 - 17.00   19.00 - 21.30
周六 08.30 - 12.45   13.45 - 15.15

小说 & 非小说类书籍

Non fiction is arranged in numerical order using the Dewey Decimal system used in most public libraries. Biographies and autobiographies are shelved in their own subject field, 运动员的传记放在体育版的架子上. Geography books are shelved separately as are Travel and Media Studies books. Local 历史 and 信息 is shelved by the Librarian's desk.

小说书在楼上的画廊里. 它们按作者姓氏的字母顺序排列在书架上.

参考书籍、报纸 & 期刊

We have a good selection of standard reference books on most subjects and subscribe to several online services such as JSTOR and online 杂志.

We take five daily newspapers and the weekly local papers, as well as papers from the USA. There are periodicals for academic as well as leisure interests. Staff and students are welcome to come in and read them at break and lunchtimes.


The Fourth and Fifth Form Book Group meet every half term in the Library during a lunchbreak. The Staff Readers Group is for staff members and their partners. 澳门威斯尼斯人游戏每学期有一个晚上在南瓜酒吧见面. 联系图书管理员进入邮件列表.
New members to all of these groups are always welcome, the dates are in the school calendar.


Historical records and items to do with the school's history are upstairs on the Gallery. 澳门威斯尼斯人游戏也有一本由 老Stortfordians.

毕晓普斯托福德学院 was founded in 1868 and there are many artefacts which have been collected over the years, including all copies of the school magazine 'The Stortfordian' since its first issue.

On one side of the upper gallery there are four glass fronted wall cabinets which display some of our memorabilia, 其余的都存放在橱柜或档案室里.

The Old Stortfordian book collection (books written by or about 老Stortfordians or the College) is now included on the main library computer catalogue and books are displayed on the gallery.

Photographs, concert and theatre programmes, sporting events, etc., 已经分类到贴有标签的盒子里了吗, and the photograph albums and other donated items are carefully stored. 所有项目均可随时索取. 许多照片都有数码版本.

图书管理员经常有人来拜访, telephone calls and letters from 老Stortfordians and others researching their family history.


这座图书馆建于1936年,是为了纪念F.S. 杨,1900年至1931年任学院校长. 它的设计者是R.C. 福斯特. It was administered by a succession of masters until 1991 when the Governors made the decision to modernise it and employ a full-time librarian who took up the appointment in September 1992.

This was the beginning of a policy designed to provide the whole College with an 信息 Resources Centre second to none in the area.

Traditionally the library has been the central resource to access information largely through paper, i.e. 书籍、期刊和报纸. 自1992年以来,它一直被翻新, the impressive high-ceilinged room was completely renovated with carpeting and low chairs enhancing the panelled walls and oak shelving to provide a welcoming and pleasing environment in which students are encouraged to study or read. A fully computerised catalogue and barcode 系统问题 was installed and major expansion took place in the Reference and 小说 

部分. ICT workstations were also installed to supplement the extended range of paper-based information. 各种各样的报纸, journals and 杂志 covering both leisure and academic interests were made available.

With the unveiling of the 1995/96 Development Appeal the Governors decided that Phase 2, 图书馆扩建应该继续进行. This involved the expansion and updating of the library's current computer provision, 它的书籍和视听资源. Linked galleries and a walkway on both wings of the library at first-floor level provided additional space for mobile and fixed bookshelves and also for display cases containing the College's extensive and unique Archive collection. The 'new look' 图书馆资源中心 now has additional study facilities, 电脑, 互联网和电子邮件设施, 以及DVD和CD库.

Since April 1997 there have been two qualified librarians assisted by evening/weekend supervisors, and between them they ensure that the library is fully supervised for 70 hours a week to provide research facilities and assistance for students and staff.

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